Erotic NURU Massage in Sochi

Нуру массаж в СочиNURU massage is one of the most popular and frequently ordered programs of our erotic massage salon in the center of Sochi! The ancient technique of NURU massage was discovered in Japan, as for Sochi, this technique of erotic massage is gaining pace!

You, our dear guests, have the unique opportunity to taste the pleasure of this magic on your body! This technique of erotic massage touches all of your powerful body and is done by absolutely all parts of an experienced and incredibly beautiful masseuse’s body.

Magic nymph of our erotic salon carefully and tenderly caresses you with her skilled hands, breasts, cuddly hips, tasty and juicy buttocks, like two peaches, and unbelievably beautiful back! Every time she touches your turned on body, your mind will boil from the unreal pleasure and relaxation.

Our erotic massage salon in Sochi has this program on the menu and with pleasure will share the precious knowledge with you, our dear guests! We have everything for the quality relaxation of body and mind:
After a session of erotic Nuru massage you will immediately feel a surge of body and mind energy. Your misted mind will be absolutely cleansed.

Описание техники Нуру массажа на русском языке

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Эротический массаж в Сочи в клубе LeON  оставит незабываемые ощущения от отдыха!

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 Сочи, пер. Морской 1/1, круглосуточно.

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