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This is a short program for those having little time. This program is only run in the shower and is 30 minutes long. The program consists of an erotic part in the shower and a tea ceremony. After this program you will have an energy boost and a surge of energy.

30 minutes 2500₽

"Brazilian relaxation"

Candy relaxation for those willing to treat their body with enjoyable cosmetic procedures and experience sensuous touching of a massagist without oil. There is joint showering, body scrubbing, and the King massage.

40 minutes 4600₽


Программа эротического массажа Клубничка

Strawberry — it is really a talking name of the program which fully reflects all your emotions you will get after that! The program will overjoy all devotees to the sensual beauty and tenderness hiding a whole volcano of passion inside of it!

60 minutes 7000₽

90 minutes 8000₽

"Sakura bough"

In this program a girl will massage you with not only her hands, perky butt and breasts, but also with her hot lips. She will touch the most sensitive parts of your body, she will caress you and burn you by her breath!

60 minutes 7000₽

90 minutes 8000₽


Леон Сочи

Director — this is a program for those people who love individual approach. You are your own boss! You can tell the lady how to start the massage – from an erotic or a relaxing part. Maybe you want an erotic part for the whole hour? Here it is you who decides everything!

60 minutes 7000₽


Стриптиз в Сочи

A dance that a hot girl is only performing for you! She is so close you can hear her languishing breath and feel her smell. Gracefully dancing to the music she will take her clothes off piece by piece. VIP strip tease in Sochi.

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"King of the world"

Программа эротического массажа Король мира

This program is optimized for one hour, but during that time our girls will fight for the right to give you a pleasure. By the wave of your hand they will dance by the pole, give you an erotic massage, take a bubble bath, bring you drinks.

60 minutes 40000₽

"Emperor of the Universe"

This is an extensive “all inclusive” program. The whole Universe will lie at your feet, and any caprice will be an order! Turn yourself away from the boring day-to-dayness and feel like the chosen one the world is revolving around! The most exquisite pleasures, the most beautiful ladies, the most exciting shows, the best drinks and snacks – this is all at your service!

720 minutes, make reservations in advance!

All programs of Erotic massage in Sochi 29.03.2017

Эротический массаж в Сочи в клубе LeON  оставит незабываемые ощущения от отдыха!

LeON - ТВОЯ территория удовольствия!

 Сочи, пер. Морской 1/1, круглосуточно.

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Сочи, Красная поляна, Эстонская 11, круглосуточно.

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