Relaxation with us is an unparalleled luxury and lovely gifts to ensure your holiday is unforgettable!

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Bring two friends with you and get a certificate for 3000 rubles which you can use during your next three visits getting a 1000 ruble discount for the selected program.

On your 4th visit, our Divas will treat you with a bottle of whiskey or cognac of your choice.

for men from 2500₽!

Эротический массаж в Сочи в клубе LeON  оставит незабываемые ощущения от отдыха!

LeON - ТВОЯ территория удовольствия!

 Сочи, пер. Морской 1/1, круглосуточно.

8 (989) 09-09-190; 8 (989) 09-10-111

Сочи, Красная поляна, Эстонская 11, круглосуточно.

8 (918) 20-89-988; 8 (938) 88-86-499

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